Last Updated on 18 avril 2021 by François BOUTARD

A painter friend of mine told me recently that my blog would have added value by trying to show the creative process that drives an artist. Business laudable but complicated to set up! This is a question I often ask to myself. What motivates the desire to create? How is it set up? What form does it actually do?

During Pierre Soulages exhibition last year at the Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon, I specifically asked this question to myself and I miraculously stumbled upon a video showing the master at work in his studio. ↓

My son admiring a recent Pierre Soulages's painting, Museum of Fine Arts, Lyon

My son admiring a recent Pierre Soulages’s painting, Museum of Fine Arts, Lyon

So I put online a video filmed of the artist at work. This video is really about to experience new material in search of new emotions. It is ultimately in the short answers of the artist and his silence that you learn the most! As said by someone about this video: « Only the shortest of sentences make any sense at all. » ↓