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See L.A. and finally find the heat …

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I‘ve always been very attracted by the City of Angels. LA and its unforgiving world.  LA, symbol of the orgiastic excesses of show business and mirror illusions for...

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Inside Brain Artist – Cornelia KOMILI #2

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Following our interview with Cornelia Komili, painter. We continue to address the personal journey of Cornelia, a relevant way to understand the mechanics of creation and ask her...

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Inside Brain Artist – Cornelia KOMILI #1

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Here I am, at the foot of the wall … Advancing in writing this blog, I had more desire for meeting directly the artists. Because, after all, they are the subject –...

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Retro Blues #2

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I‘ve never paid attention before to the fascinating geometric compositions that adorn the various racing circuits. Is that professional drivers regularly driving around...

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Retro Blues #1

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Blue pursues me.  In life it does not spare me,  immediately attracting the sympathy and envy of my iris. So much that I was recently considering the challenge of daily dress in...

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Words of Design : Minimal & Prototype

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Well, open your hatches, we are Sunday and it’s time to explore other definitions of design, to allow you to shine in society! Today, focus around the terms Minimal and...

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Ryan Trecartin & Lizzie Fitch STAGE the 2.0 society

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I probably would not have had any desire to write about this American duo of artists, no less about their work, if their animated installation had not provoked so many amused,...

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Bill Viola, a major mistic artist

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I often thought to tell you about Bill Viola, a major American contemporary artist, known for monumental video installations. Different ways  led me to him, the first in a short...

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Pierre Soulages at work

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A painter friend of mine told me recently that my blog would have added value by trying to show the creative process that drives an artist. Business laudable but complicated to...

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A scandinavian vintage chair for Santa Claus please !

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Soon Christmas season ! The opportunity for Santa to distribute gifts for our little ones. Back home in the northern hemisphere, it will then need to breathe well … So I...

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